Our mission at Reverence Engineering is simple: Surpass Expectations.
As a client, you should expect the following:
  1. Punctuality
    We respect your time - it is not acceptable to waste, especially at the expense of the critical path.
  2. Knowledgeable Project Estimation
    Every project is different. Each one that comes through our doors gets a individual review by an actual engineer to ensure you get a fair proposal and timeline, while also attempting to foresee potential issues at the onset.
  3. Client Education
    Project managers who understand basic engineering principles contribute to a more expeditious and smooth design process. To the extent possible and as desired, we strive to provide working knowledge to our clients.
  4. Value Engineering
    Unless you relay have certain architectural or fabrication requirements prohibiting otherwise, you'll receive the most economical solution for your project.
  5. Immediate Resolution
    Changes to the best laid plan are bound to happen. In the shop or in the field, expect that we will be available to expeditiously handle these urgent requests.
  6. Quality Documentation
    We take great pride in the quality of our engineering plans and details. Expect that our documentation will be professionally prepared, organized, detailed, and clear.